Sunday, June 3, 2007

Good government for the lowest cost

One of Mayor Valerie Keehn's priorities is to make sure our city has the most effective and efficient government for the lowest possible cost. Over the past 12 years, city residents have seen nothing but tax increases. Taxes keep going up even though new development has added more than $160 million to the tax base over the past few years. City expenses (and taxes) are outpacing this growth. We must be more efficient and effective in handling taxpayers’ money. Mayor Valerie Keehn, seeing that recent significant increases in revenues to the city have been more than absorbed by the city’s ever increasing operating costs, has asked the State Comptroller’s Office to conduct an audit of city operations. This audit will serve to guide us toward greater fiscal responsibility, and will strengthen my resolve to reduce waste, inefficiency, and tighten our spending belt. This issue will be discussed further on this blog.