Monday, June 25, 2007

A Comprehensive Plan for Using Wind Energy

The City of Saratoga Springs spends approximately $550,000 each year in utility charges to support the electric energy requirements of the Casino, City Hall, the Garage, Drink Hall (i.e., the Visitor Center), Weibel Rink, Vernon Rink, and the Water Treatment Plant. These facilities consume 4,372 MWh of electricity on an annual basis. The City currently pays an additional premium ($50,000) on top of this electric bill to support the development of wind energy in New York State. This premium does nothing to reduce long-term electric energy costs for Saratoga Springs. Basically the project to support the development of wind energy provides the city with "bragging rights" to claim involvement in wind energy.

Mayor Keehn is exploring a comprehensive long-term plan for the city to use wind energy that will save taxpayer money while reducing environmental pollution. The Saratoga Energy, Environmental, and Development (SEED) Project put in place by Mayor Keehn has developed a plan with long term implications for Saratoga Springs to actually use wind energy instead of just helping to fund wind energy development in New York.

For more information, the SEED report is available at Saratoga Wind Energy Project: Investing in Wind Energy to Reduce Long-Term Electric Energy Costs (PDF file).