Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mayor's Appointments to City Boards

One of the Mayor's most important powers is the power to make appointments to City boards and commissions (although even that is not unfettered, since many appointments are subject to confirmation by the City Council). Mayor Keehn has tried through her appointments to expand and diversify the people who are given opportunities to participate in the city through service on these boards and committees. The following are Mayor Valerie Keehn's appointments and re-appointments to various boards and committees.

Saratoga Springs Recreation Commission
Meg Hegener, Appointed Feb. 6, 2007
Derrick Legall, Appointed Sept.19, 2006
Gerard Hawthorne, Appointed Jan. 2006
David Spingarn, Appointed Dec.5, 2006
Rich Flaherty, Appointed Jan. 16,2007

Downtown Special Assessment Board
Lisa Schroeder, Appointed Mar. 6, 2007

Saratoga Senior Committee (Formed Sept. 2006)
Cliff Ammon
Isabel Berrios
Carl Danna
Nancy Downing
Johanna Dushlek
Marianne Gibbs
Lorraine Hanson
Geraldine Jordan
Karen Klotz
Bonnie Linehan
Frieda Martino
Donald Massey
Ethel Meyer
Douglas O'Brine
Faith Palma
Madeline G. Phillips
Theresa Place
Judy Schmelter
Diane Sciore
Irene Sprattler
Nedra Stimpfle
Betty Tekel
Anita Turner
Eric Weller

Zoning Board Of Appeals
Carol Ann Maguire
Janine Stuchin
Pell Kennedy
Gabe Anderson

Saratoga Springs Housing Authority Board Members
Eric Weller, Re-appointed on April 1, 2006 until April 1, 2011
Dennis Brunelle, Appointed April 1, 2007 until April 1, 2012

Saratoga Springs City Center Authority
L. John Goldberg
Roger Goldsmith
Richard Higgins
Dorothy Knowlton

Planning Board Members
Amy Durland
Jamin Totino

Design Review Commission
Patrick Kane, Re-appointed 9/30/06 until 9/30/09
Richard Martin, Re-appointed 7/01/06 until 7/01/09
Chris Bennett, Appointed 7/01/06