Saturday, May 26, 2007

Comprehensive Plan Review Committee

Mayor Keehn has initiated a review of the City's Comprehensive Plan. In 2006, she established a new Comprehensive Plan Review Committee. The vision of the City’s Comprehensive Plan has two core values: the concept of a “City in the Country” and “sustainability.” The mayor's Comprehensive Plan Review Committee has the mission to:
To review the existing Comprehensive Plan, with the full participation of the public and other interested parties;
To inventory the assets of the city (such as our downtown; the greenbelt surrounding the city; the historic character of our neighborhoods; our art district; etc.);
To identify how these assets can be protected and enhanced;
To determine how the city's needs may be addressed without altering the essential character of the city; and
To make adjustments to the Comprehensive Plan in order to accommodate the economic and social needs of the city, while continuing to protect the qualities which have made our city successful.
More information about the 2006 Comprehensive Plan Review Committee is available on the City of Saratoga Springs website.