Sunday, November 4, 2007

Endorsements: Saratogian, Times Union, Metroland

Mayor Keehn has been endorsed by local newspapers The Saratogian, The Times Union, and Metroland.
"She jumped right into the fire, threw herself into the job, has grown in the office, and almost immediately began making her mark. She brought new blood to the political process and championed progressive ideas. Perhaps most impressive is the way she has energized citizens to get involved in local government... Saratoga Springs voters should re-elect Keehn for another term. Saratogian
"Keehn has dug in and started pushing the line back against the overdevelopment in the Spa City; she ...has proven that she is honest and willing to work with anyone... Keehn has never looked more like a woman of the people..." Metroland